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Safety is priceless.

PregnancySafetyBelt is designed to elimate the pressure of a traditional seatbelt on a growing belly by using a 3-point seatbelt configuration – allowing for a safe and comfortable driving experience for the expectant mother.

Using PregnancySafetyBelt as a lap-sash has been rigorously tested for vehicle safety and is recommeded for expectant mothers on the road.

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A little piece of insurance, for a great peace of mind!

One Size Fits All

The PregnancySafetyBelt can be easily fastened securely to any car seat, and no matter the size, it won't budge!

Safe and Secure

Improved design feature to soften the impact pressure of the seatbelt pressed on thighs when using lap-sash configuration.

Tested and Certified

Dramatically reduces the chances of lost pregnancies in car accidents by over 82.7% compared to regular seatbelts.


Comfort for your bump.

The PregnancySafetyBelt redirects the lap belt away from the belly, securing the seat belt on the legs safely – not across the lower belly where it can potentially injure your unborn.

Crash tested and approved for legally registered vehicles in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom & United States.

Pregnancy Safety Belt

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Pregnancy Safety Belt

Certified Feedback from our Mama's

Michelle Harris
Michelle Harris

"I definitely recommend PregnancySafetyBelt for pregnant women on the road, it's taken away the anxiety I used to get and makes driving with a bump so much more comfortable!"

– 27ᵗʰ Mar, 2020

Estelle Choi
Estelle Choi

"I was a little skeptical about this PregnancySafetyBelt at first, but thought I'd try it out given they have a 30 day money back offer...turn out to be my best purchase in 2020...genius product!"

– 14ᵗʰ May, 2020

Julie Khor
Julie Khor

"Excellent product for pregnant women, I got this as a gift for my daughter and it's given her so much more confidence to get inside the car! Thanks for the fast delivery."

– 23ʳᵈ Oct, 2020

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